In this session we will fuse several artistic elements and explore the connections between the drum and the basic beat patterns as it relates to the DJ. As we continue to expand on this thread we will also introduce the concept of spoken word/poetry and engage youth around self identity, empowerment and how students can express themselves through spoken word performance poetry. We will examine spoken words history/origins and show how it’s a relevant component to rapping, singing and dance.

Students who in engage in this workshops will

  • Taken on a historical journey of various art forms and shown how they are linked together
  • Learn about history and the socio-political world by using art and making it relevant
  • Be introduced to other “non-traditional/popular” Afro-centric history and figures and provide strong, culturally appropriate role models
  • Draw connections of how the various art forms are independent and co-exist

Recommended for open space/gym/assembly style presentation of 100+ students