About Us

Founded in 2007 Love Music Initiative is focused on enriching the experiences for children, youth and young adults by using arts based education to make learning fun.

  • Love Music sessions are 45mins to 1 hour
  • Sessions are flexible and scalable
  • Sessions can be done for 20 -400 students
  • Workshops cater to various age ranges and class sizes

Within each session there will be a focal point on a character education trait to challenge the students and remind them of developing themselves as leaders

Our goal is to focus on:

  • Creation of safe spaces
  • Increased connection to self – leads to happier connections to school and community
  • Respect for self (peers and teachers)
  • Bullying, conflict resolution, anger management, and peer to peer learning
  • Reduce anti-social behaviours
  • Life skills and problem solving
  • Increased awareness for future goals & self esteem

The Love Music Initiative Program takes place on-site at schools, community spaces and libraries throughout the school year and all year round.

The initiative is a fee for service program rates are set but fees negotiable. To create a program or for more information, please contact us at 647.438.5395