Spoken Word

The Spoken Word

Spoken Word is rooted in the storytellers and griots of ancient black cultures. Its more contemporary form came out from the Black Civil Rights Movement. Spoken Word workshops will engage students in learning and engaging in a creative and self expressive way. Students will discuss the spoken word art form while simultaneously learning how to express their thoughts, feelings in an interactive way.

Students who in engage in this workshops will

  • Improve their literacy skills
  • Learn the importance of creating and sharing their own stories something that youth are not given an outlet to do historically
  • Have a deeper understanding of the history of the spoken word art form and its importance in Black History
  • Engage in critical discussions around and understand how this relates with their own present day lives and realities
  • Engage in the creative writing process and learn healthy ways/outlets to express themselves and bring thoughts to fruition
  • Develop skills in public speaking and confidence through presenting their pieces to their peers

Recommended for small – mid size group 25 – 50 students