The Love Music Initiative is a multi-disciplinary and alternative education program that uses Hip Hop culture, contemporary music and popular culture as a tool for students to learn about civic engagement, history and advocacy. Music and dance, informed by socio-political and popular historical events and figures, create a rich learning environment with content that connects to the youth’s experiences. Poetry, dj’ing, drumming and dance are used to inspire and engage students

Enhance students’ interpersonal skills and their sense of self and others

Support students’ success and improve their academic and personal achievement.

Engage students in history, social and world studies so that these subject areas are personally meaningful

Learn new interpersonal skills to better navigate their community, school and society.
Develop enhanced self-awareness and recognize their assets.
Feel more engaged with history and advocacy and their relevance to their socio-political-cultural world.

The Love Music Initiative Program takes place on-site at schools and takes place throughout the school year, from September to June, during school hours.

The initiative is a fee for service program rates are set but fees negotiable. To create a program or for more information, please contact us at 647.438.5395